Baobab - A dedication to the Circular Economy

"As it did for La REcyclerie in Paris and L’Oasis in Niamey, the Veolia Foundation is helping to create a new place in Durban dedicated to the environment and integrating vulnerable communities. These projects are consistent with our innovative, high-impact and replicable partnerships."

Baobab, a new third place, has opened in Durban, South Africa. Designed to bring together like-minded individuals in pursuit of sustainable living, their slogan "Upcycling the future" aims to form a community dedicated to new, low-environmental impact solutions as well as the creation of "green jobs." 

its website went online mid-2020, a few months before the scheduled opening of its physical premises in December 2020. In collaboration with the Veolia Foundation, as well as The Maker Space Foundation, the local partner chosen by Veolia to manage the project, Baobab is inspired by the model of La REcyclerie in Paris (France) and L'Oasis in Niamey (Niger).

One of the initiatives is the Plasticpreneur Plasticpreneur studio - aimed at turning waste in value. The Recycling Technician course teaches plastic recycling skills and empowers individuals to become entrepreneurs, thereby fostering small green businesses and encouraging sustainable living.


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