World Water Day 2021

Dirty water sources and inadequate sanitation services pose a major health risk in vulnerable communities. For remote African villages, like the Raphuti Village in Thabazimbi, a recent installation of a 100 m³/day hybrid sewage treatment plant alongside project partners Morula Consulting, means approximately 600 community members now have access to decent sanitation services and clean water. What a way to celebrate World Water Day! 

Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water & sanitation for all is part of Veolia’s commitment to  good business and in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Now, more than ever, we must work together for the preservation of our natural resources. 

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“Our sewage treatment plants and trickling filter technology not only treats sewage but ensures compliance with the South African General Standards for Discharge of Effluent, Veolia's hybrid sewage treatment plants are easy to install and commission, making them ideal for remote locations. Technology is simple so automation and control requirements can be kept to a minimum; allowing for a reliable, robust system that requires minimum skill to operate.” 
Vashlin Govender
Business Development