Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) has designed and developed water treatment solutions and plants for niche industrial markets in South Africa and Africa. The aim is to help companies in these industrial markets optimise their process water production and employ efficient wastewater treatment technologies. This potentially includes the option to recycle their plant water for re-use, providing an ongoing source of cost-effective feed water, ultimately contributing to lower production costs.

Other purposes of these market orientated water treatment solutions is the ability for companies in South Africa and Africa to discharge only water that is safe for the environment, effectively minimising their environmental footprint, and manage all wastewater correctly.


With specific industries, or markets, requiring precise technologies that are tailored to meet their unique requirements, Veolia has identified the very broad ‘industry’ category for industrial water & wastewater treatment into 8 niche markets.

Niche markets for Veolia’s industrial water treatment solutions

The markets that Veolia identified and has tailored certain water treatment solutions for use are:

Veolia experts from around the world have developed a range of key technologies for industry that have proven to achieve the desired results across the various industrial markets.


Automotive plant water treatment solutions

Technologies for automotive plant water treatment solutions uses methods such as micro filtration, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration so automotive plants can supply re-usable water, achieve ZLD and produce quality final products.

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Food and beverage water treatment solutions

Using multimedia and membrane filtration, activated carbon filtration and UV disinfection, Veolia helps food and beverage plants and companies manage water as a food ingredient and for industrial use. These result in a dependable feedwater source, reusable water supply, ZLD and quality final products.

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Mine water and wastewater treatment solutions

Mine process water treatment from Veolia treat process water, mine sludge, enable the re-use of process wastewater and extract valuable minerals from wastewater streams. This involves technologies for pre-treatment, filtration, desalination and process mine water treatment. A huge contributing factor and important treatment for mines is acid mine drainage, for which Veolia provides tailored solutions.

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Petrochemical water treatment solutions

These specialised water treatment solutions are designed to aid the oil and gas industry minimise its environmental impact, reduce production costs, optimise production processes and refine higher quality products. Key technologies vary from primary oil/water separation to sludge treatment and disposal. Included with these solutions are tailored treatments for shale gas and fracking water treatment.

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Pharmaceutical water treatment solutions

Producing purified and highly purified water, pyrogen-free water and water for injection is the hallmark of pharmaceutical water treatment solutions from Veolia. All our pharmaceutical water treatment systems comply with the numerous requirements, including that of the FDA, and technologies used range from multimedia filters to continuous deionising and reverse osmosis.

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Power plant water treatment solutions

Boiler feed water and cooling water production, water chemical conditioning, effluent treatment and water re-use are gained when using Veolia water treatment solutions for power plants. Water treatment systems include everything from feedwater pre-treatment to wastewater recycling and re-use, with comprehensive key technologies tailored for power plants.

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Pulp and paper water treatment solutions

Key technologies for pulp and paper water treatment from Veolia treat raw water to process water, treat black liquors, remove chloride and potassium, recovers fibre and a whole lot more. These technologies supply re-usable water and aim to achieve ZLD, while manufacturers reduce production costs and improve profitability.

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Steel processing water treatment solutions

For reduced raw water intake, water safe for discharge, re-use water and water used in production processes in steel processing, Veolia provides the appropriate technologies. Solutions using from clarification through to crystallisation and zero liquid discharge are used to help plants manage environmental impact, reduce production costs and produce higher grade final products.

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Veolia South Africa designs, constructs and commissions water treatment solutions for industry markets that meet various industries’ unique water treatment requirements. The company also provides comprehensive aftersales and services, which include preventative and corrective maintenance, remote monitoring and control and a supply of chemicals.

Veolia also provides tailored solutions for municipal water and wastewater or sewage treatment.

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa is your solution to your respective markets’ water treatment requirements.

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